Alright alright alright. - Matthew McConaughey

Okay finally got the steps working (Not that it took me long.) leading back up to the main floor of the Need Want. 

Also spruced up a few things. 

In the future I plan on making it so when Candi joins your party she vanishes from the need want brothel map and is replaced with her sister Mandy the next time you walk in. This brothel in effect acts like an inn would in game. Sorry guys / girls. No sex scenes here. Only implied sex. Whoops oh well maybe I'll have Mandi shoot him down for taking her sister and half her business away. Thank god for that new gambling ring Mandi just started :P

Anyway. future updates and ideas are in the pipe. If you have a suggestion drop it on the message board in the main landing for the game.

As always donations are appreciated as they make the game better but not required. <3 

- Alex

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